Sunday, August 30, 2009

Review on Hannah Montana the Movie


The movie was totally a blast for me. Well, I've only seen the movie on a DVD copy and not on a wide screen but it totally blew me away.

I think Miley is pretty cool although many are criticizing her. Well I can't blame them-that's them. Also, many would think that this movie is for children or teenagers only. Well I'm telling you that it isn't. This is for the whole family to enjoy. It has many great lessons to offer.

What I love about the movie is first, it is a Walt Disney Productions. Second, I love the movie's original soundtrack. Third, I like seeing Miley and her dad's bonding moments-her dad has a great voice. And the last but not the least is, Lucas Till is so freakin' hot! Wow. I just can't take my eyes off him. I didn't expect that Taylor Swift would be featured in the movie. She sang the song Crazier which was just totally awesome. I also like the whole story of the movie and the parts where they have to sing and dance. I just love the movie. That's it.

Here's the full list of song titles in the movie's OST:
  • Hannah Montana- You'll Always Find Your Way Back
  • Hannah Montana- The Good Life
  • Miley Cyrus- Don't Walk Away
  • Miley Cyrus- Dream
  • Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus- Butterfly Fly Away
  • Billy Ray Cyrus- Back to Tennessee
  • Rascal Flatts- Bless the Broken Road
  • Hannah Montana- Spotlight
  • Hannah Montana- What's Not To Like
  • Hannah Montana- Let's Get Crazy
  • Steve Rushton- Everything I want
  • Miley Cyrus- Hoedown Throwdown
  • Miley Cyrus- The Climb
  • Rascal Flatts- Backwards
  • Taylor Swift- Crazier
  • Hannah Montana- Let's Do This
  • Steve Rushton- Game Over
  • Hannah Montana- Best of Both Worlds
My favorite songs in the movie are Bless the Broken Road, Butterfly Fly Away, and Everything I Want. I just love listening to them over and over. Rascal Flatts is my idol since the beginning. And now I'm also starting to like Billy Ray Cyrus' songs.

I suggest you guys watch the movie, for those who haven't seen it yet. It's really worth watching.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Charice Pempengco-My Mom's Idol


About Charice

Way back May 10, 1993, Mr. and Mrs. Pempengco were very happy to have their first offspring delivered. They were blessed with a baby girl, and was baptized in the name of Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco(Charice real name). The real world of this young diva had started, her mom have witnessed the development of Charice´s talent in singing which is undeniably inherited from her. The fact that Charice´s mom is a talented singer. The distinction of being a diva was obvious, back to her early childhood.

Charice has practiced very hard to enhance her singing talent more exuberantly as she passes through her pace of life. As gifted with a powerful, soulful voice, dancing talent and overall stage present, Charice is well on her way of achieving her highest dreams. She had brought home the bacon, in most of her singing contest. The audience was wowed by her jaw-dropping rendition of the songs she sang. This proves her strong potential in singing. She continued joining different singing contest, and as usual the young diva bagged the title. Charice´s biggest challenge was when she entered showbiz industry, armed with her powerful voice. She joined Little Big Star Season 1, hosted by the pop princess Ms. Sarah Geronemo. Charice was not able to make it at first, she was kicked off. But she was picked up for the second time as wild card. She competed very well and gave her best performance on the show. Evidently, she always got the highest score from the judges. In the latter part of the contest, the text votes she garnered from the viewers were not enough to make her win. As a game, there´s a winner and a loser. She ends up third runner up on the grand finals. Her journey doesn´t end there; she had TV appearances on ABS-CBN and gigs around. She kept on pursuing her dreams; many projects were given to her. The luck comes along Charice´s way.

The FalseVoice channel of YouTube posted her LBS performance; "I Will Always Love You" of Whitney Houston´s hit on the digital world. Many viewers were attracted to the video. It was well delivered, and the viewers thought it was lip synching. No wonder Charice had the powerful, unbelievable vocals. Another face-off video between Charice and Bianca Ryan, America´s Got Talent winner, became popular. It brought her to the attention of Ten Songs Production, a recording company based in Sweden.And since then Charice became well-known all over the globe.

To know more about Charice, visit:

Ever since my mom saw Charice on TV, she became attached to her. Everytime she visits me here in Cebu, there isn't a day that she wouldn't open her lappy to check on Charice on Youtube since there is no internet connection available in our hometown. I guess she has seen all the videos of Charice on Youtube. And she hadn't miss all of Charice's shows on TV like on interviews in ABS-CBN. She's very well updated on Charice's career. Sometimes I think she's more updated on Charice than me. But of course, I'm sure what I'm thinking isn't true. I think my mom can relate to Charice's situation to my situation as her daughter. Just like Charice's mom, she raised me single-handedly with just a little help from my father. And I know all she hoped for is for me to become successful someday just like Charice. But what I'm afraid of is, if I would not be able achieve her expectations for me. I'm sure she'd be very much dissapointed as a single parent. All I can do is to do my best not to let her down. I want to repay all of her sacrifices and love for me. I love you mom.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Best Day by Taylor Swift

As I was browsing on Taylor Swift's songs on Youtube, I found this song of hers entitled The Best Day. I was intrigued by the title so I played the video.

At first I thought this is just an ordinary music video but then later I realized that it's all about her on the video. She's the cute little baby carried by her mom. I can see that she and her mom are very close. You can also notice the timing of the song on the video-when she was still a baby, 5 years old, 13, until she grow up. I really love watching this video and listening to the song. Well okay, I admit. I'm a Taylor Swift fanatic. But I'm sure you are too (lol). Anyway, I just want to share this video in case you haven't watch it yet. Also, I can remember my mom when I watch this vid. We were as close as they are. I just miss her.

Enjoy watching!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Horrible Nightmare

As I was sleeping soundly on the late dawn yesterday, when darkness still abounds, I dreamt of such a horrific dream or what we call as nightmare. This is what happened in my dream:

We (I and my CBS family) were at a place in which I am not aware of-it's like SM City Cebu. I am not really sure. I and my other CBS friend (which I will not name) headed home early and left the other members in that exact location (at SM). As I reached home (I'm not really sure if it's home since it was in a different house and different setting), I ran into my cousin as she was surfing the net using her grey-colored Apple Macbook (which she really don't own in reality) and watching TV in an unfamiliar room which was a bit dark and only a table lamp gives light to the room. We are in the same room. I also turned on my lappy but chose to watch TV instead.

There was a breaking news on the TV. To my surprise, what I can see from the TV screen is the SM City Cebu collapsing and all other surrounding establishments submerging into the deep ocean including the grounds where they were built in an unidentified cause. I was in a massive shock knowing that my other friends are still on that building. So I called my other friend who I went home with and who is also watching the news. We went immediately to the place where the recovered bodies are laid in. Again, I am not sure of what place it was. I was really surprised when I saw my friend. His eyes were all swelling, he was crying like he really was in deep pain as he was helping in carrying and arranging the corpses. I couldn't see clearly the faces of the dead people. There were hundreds of them or even thousands which really gave me the creeps.

But then I was able to open my eyes and saw darkness all over me, which I also found myself crying excessively. I looked at my watch and saw the time. It was 4:30AM and I was still crying until I fell asleep again.

The thing is, since I don't really know if my friends were included in that horrible incident, why did I cry? That's totally weird. Maybe it's because of the thought of losing my friends that made me cry my heart out, and also the horrific sight of the SM City Cebu collapsing which I still keep on recalling until now.

I just hope I won't have another one of those dreams.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Second Week of Head Nursing Exposure

We are on AM Shift-from 6am-2pm this week. We have to wake up early or else we'll be late. Good to know my partner refrain from being absent. She already learned her lesson-she was asked to submit an absence slip from the Nursing Service Department because of being absent the week before.

I woke up late during the first day of the second week. I set my alarm clock to 4AM but sadly I wasn't able to wake up. Good thing my partner texted me asking where I am and luckily I was able to wake up. But the time on my watch is already 5AM, so I had to be quick. I finished preparing at around 5:20AM and sadly I was left by the bus. What I did was, I rode a taxi, payed 100php again, and good thing I arrived at the hospital earlier than our school bus. Yay! But the thought of paying a 100php hurts me.

Anyway, this week went smoothly since our charge nurse was still Sir Dexter except for the 3rd day. It was another charge nurse-a girl who we thought was strict and she really was. Let's not name her. On that day, another set of solutions were taught and our minds can't absorb it anymore. We really can't stand her. She was moody-like she doesn't know how to smile, her eyebrows always met each other, she doesn't tell us where she was going, and has a really hot temper. Whew. I was glad that day was over. Luckily we were dismissed earlier and she was the one who did the endorsement. But what I'm afraid of is, she'll be our charge nurse when we get back to duty the week after next. That's pretty much scary. Good luck to me and my partner. Well, if my other classmates got over her, I'm pretty sure we will too.

The second week of our head nursing exposure ends at Thursday since Friday is a Holiday-remembering the death and bravery of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. or the Ninoy Aquino Day as we call it.

In order for you to relate in this post, you can read the First Week of my Head Nursing Exposure.
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First Week of Head Nursing Exposure

I and my other dutymate was assigned in North General Hospital at 3B Station- has the Medical, Surgical, Pedia, and OB wards. Prior to our duty which started last Sunday night ‘coz we were assigned in graveyard/nite shift-10pm to 6am, we were not able to have an orientation because the teacher didn’t want to orient us anymore due to lack of time. Basically, we have no idea of what to do during the duty. This is also our first time to be assigned in NGH, so we were totally clueless.

August 09, 2009 Sunday (10pm-6am), Charge Nurse: Sir Dexter

Since there was no bus later that evening, we decided to meet at Ayala and from there we rode a taxi to NGH. We were so nervous that time because as I’ve said, we had no idea of what to do. We went inside the hospital, looked for the nursing office, and punched in our punch cards. We arrived at 9:30 so we still have time to change in our clinical uniforms. After a few minutes, when all was set, we then carefully headed to 3B Station. Carefully so as not to awaken the patients. As we arrived at the station, all we did was stare at each other, stand in the corner, and totally clueless. We hesitated to greet the staffs because they were very busy, we didn’t want to startle them. When it was time forendorsement-endorsing the previous shift to the next shift, a guy in an all-white uniform who’s eating Chippy, asked if we’re on our 1st day of head nursing and we said yes. The guy’s name is Dexter. He was tha charge nurse that evening, and we didn’t know until he called us for the endorsement. Once the endorsement finished, we had the rounds- going to every patients’ room and checking the IVFs (Intravenous Fluids) for the remaining cc/ml, just like the usual rounds. After which, he then taught us how to do the things the Charge Nurse does- which I will explain later. So basically, that’s all we did on the first day-learning the basics.

August 10, 2009 Monday (10pm-6am), Charge Nurse: Sir Dexter

Another day in head nursing. I was all alone this day because my partner was absent due to unknown cause. I was so nervous, I also planned to be absent, but then my conscience haunted me. I paid a hundred pesos in my taxi fair that night-so sad. Again, as I arrived at the hospital, I punched in my punch card, get dressed, and went to the station. As I saw Sir Dexter, I was so scared. I told him my partner is absent and he gave me a shocking reply which was “Good Luck”. I didn’t know what he meant by that but it made me want to run, pack my things and go home. After the rounds, he then repeated what he taught to me and made me apply what I learned. When I had nothing to do that time, I wrote in my notebook the tasks of a head nurse which includes:

1. Receiving the endorsement from the previous shift.

2. Doing the rounds- checking the remaining IVF solutions.

3. Preparing the Summary Nursing Care Plan for the next shift:

-must refer to the kardex for the room numbers, names of patients and physicians

-copy the from the previous shift’s summary nursing care plan

4. Preparing the Assignment Sheet:

-write the names of patients with their room numbers

5. Solving the previous IVFs for the Time, Parenteral, and Remaining.

-this is the part I hated the most. I really can’t get it right especially when getting the remaining and the time.

6. 3 hours before the shift ends, rounds must be done to check the remaining IVFs again for the next shift.

7. Updating the new Summary Nursing Care Plan for the remaining, IV number, time to be hooked, and the solution.

8. Getting all the charts:

-check for the monitoring like vital signs, then fold

-write the parenteral in the I & O sheet and slash the solved parenteral, then fold

-lastly, check the order if it is carried/noted and crash out the patient’s room numbers in the previous SNCP.

And you are done!

P.S. If there are any new orders, leave your usual work and transcribe the order from the chart to the kardex, and the new prescribed medicines from the kardex to the medicine tickets and medication sheet. When done, fold the kardex, insert it in the chart right where the order is attached, and let the Charge Nurse check it.

August 11, 2009 Tuesday (10pm-6am), Charge Nurse: Ms. Julie

My partner was present again this time. As we arrived at the station, we were surprised to see another charge nurse. It was Ms. Julie since Sir Dexter had his day off that day. We were again scared to death since we don't know the new charge nurse. Many questions were running on our minds-is she okay? Is she strict? Or what? Finally, she spoke to us. She asked if we are for head nursing, and we said yes. She was shocked to see that there were two of us. So she called the Nursing Service Department to ask if there were students for head nursing on the other station-the 3A Station-which has the private rooms. Private rooms are rooms which are more costly than the wards. It is air-conditioned, has TV, couch, private bathroom and toilet, and allows two significant others to stay for the night. Going back, so after calling the Nursing Service Department, she asked one of us to transfer to 3A station since there was no student for head nursing on duty. My partner decided to transfer, so I was left alone again in the 3B Station with the new charge nurse. I just sat quietly in the corner and just wait for her to make instructions. Finally, all went well except for the solving the IVFs part. I was so confused on how to solve it. She and Sir Dexter have different techniques. I didn't know who to follow. Now I know that they (charge nurses) have different styles and I can tell who is right and wrong.

August 12, 2009 Wednesday (10pm-6am), Charge Nurse: Sir Dexter

This was our last day of duty since the next day will be our Midterm Examination. Again, my partner was absent because according to her, she felt tired to go on duty. So I rode the taxi and payed 100php, punched in my DTR, got dressed, and went to the station. I was surprised again to see Sir Dexter-yeah he's back. I know that's a good thing because I know him well enough now. So the usual routine was made and before the shift ends, I gave him my evaluation sheet for him to evaluate me. He brought it home and said he'd return it the week after.

So basically, that ends my first week of head nursing exposure. Another week awaits, and another story to tell.

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Tired Tuesday


Posted: August 11, 2009 Tuesday

Just like this cute little doggy over here, I am this tired today.
I am on graveyard shift duty-from 10pm to 6am. I was awake the whole shift except for the part where our Charge Nurse let me take a short nap. Thanks to Sir Dexter.

The endorsement ended at 6:15 so I took off right away after coz’ I was so dead tired. It was already passed 7am when I arrived home. I ate my breakfast and went directly to my room after. First thing I did was open my laptop and check for emails and other stuff. I turned on the music player and went directly to bed. I was so dead tired, I wasn’t able to take my lunch on time. I woke up at 2pm, went downstairs, grab some lunch, and washed my uniform. Thereafter, I went back to my room, faced the laptop, and do my thing online. Just like plurking, managing my blogs, setting up this blog, and posting this entry.

Finally, I have made this blog as my online journal. Feel free to read and be part of my everyday stories and experiences. I just deleted my other blog entitled Calendar Notes also which was my very first blog from blogger. I already exported my posts to my other blog which is Kai’s Crib. If you have time, you can visit it.

And later tonight, I will be on duty again. Same shift, area, and station. Whew. Another tiring day tomorrow. Well I hope not. Hope I can sleep again tonight.

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An Evening with the Kemboteras


Last Saturday, August 8, 2009, me and other CBS members met the two Kembotera Manila bloggers, Micaela (Micamyx) and Enrico (Byahilo) along with their friends Aaron, Xiena, and Gelo. We ate dinner at Larsian, Fuente. We introduced ourselves, and chit chat while having our barbeque dinner. Despite the smoky environment and smelly barbeque, we still enjoyed the night.

We headed to IT Park thereafter. We decided to stay at Jollibee and camwhoring then took place. Thanks to Sinjin for the photos.

I hope to see you again soon guys. “Balik balik unya mo diri sa Cebu.

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