Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crowd Control Products by Camelback Displays

Crowd control products help people stay in lines at the bank, for concerts, political events, at the grocery store and anywhere someone needs an orderly line.

Stanchions are a standard way to do this. There are retractable belts, velvet rope and more ways being developed all the time. You can even have printing done on the belts.

Barricades are for traffic control, security and privacy. There are fence barricades, traffic cones, pipe and drape walls, etc…

Camelback's got your back for all of your public guidance needs! With all types of stanchions for crowd control, including the full line of products by Lavi. They offer security & traffic barricades, velvet ropes, safety & crowd barriers and much more!

They only sell top quality products, a lot of which are also considered
You can call them: Toll Free at 1-877-268-7469.

There you can find everything you need for public guidance. They offer a large variety of choices for stanchions, room dividers, rope or chain stanchions for public guidance that works. The retractable belts for their Lavi stanchions actually connect to other brands! So if you need to add to existing systems or start fresh, they can help! Call now!


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