Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kai's Version of "Gwiyomi"

Due to public demand..i mean, my one friend's demand. haha :)) 
Please excuse my ewwness. :p Enjoy!


The first time I heard that (gwiyomi) word, I was completely clueless as to what it means (even until Oh, and so I used the most powerful search engine to find its meaning, and finally I have found it, just now also (silly me). It means:

      cute/cutie. ^_^

Having said that, why the heck did I made this video? o.O I am not that cute to even qualify for this. LOL. But that is not what my friend Guada thinks. She says I am better than anyone else's gwiyomi. Wow. She is such a friend. haha :)) That is the main reason why I made this vid. Only because she insisted. Nothing more, nothing less. :p Then I thought, why not give it a try ei? I think it turned out pretty good. ;D

And so, I watched two to three gwiyomi vids on YouTube, and learned some of the movements that night. The day after, I got two takes on gwiyomi using my iPod Touch. The first one was kinda alright, but the second one was much better. It was kinda boring watching it so I decided to download a video editor application. Luckily, I found a one great app- GameUrVideo App. I was then satisfied after some editing. I uploaded it right away on my Facebook page. :) Also uploaded it on YouTube since Guada again, wanted to publish it in her site (which I am not aware of). :p

So there you have it. Hope you had fun watching it! :D
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