Saturday, August 22, 2009

Second Week of Head Nursing Exposure

We are on AM Shift-from 6am-2pm this week. We have to wake up early or else we'll be late. Good to know my partner refrain from being absent. She already learned her lesson-she was asked to submit an absence slip from the Nursing Service Department because of being absent the week before.

I woke up late during the first day of the second week. I set my alarm clock to 4AM but sadly I wasn't able to wake up. Good thing my partner texted me asking where I am and luckily I was able to wake up. But the time on my watch is already 5AM, so I had to be quick. I finished preparing at around 5:20AM and sadly I was left by the bus. What I did was, I rode a taxi, payed 100php again, and good thing I arrived at the hospital earlier than our school bus. Yay! But the thought of paying a 100php hurts me.

Anyway, this week went smoothly since our charge nurse was still Sir Dexter except for the 3rd day. It was another charge nurse-a girl who we thought was strict and she really was. Let's not name her. On that day, another set of solutions were taught and our minds can't absorb it anymore. We really can't stand her. She was moody-like she doesn't know how to smile, her eyebrows always met each other, she doesn't tell us where she was going, and has a really hot temper. Whew. I was glad that day was over. Luckily we were dismissed earlier and she was the one who did the endorsement. But what I'm afraid of is, she'll be our charge nurse when we get back to duty the week after next. That's pretty much scary. Good luck to me and my partner. Well, if my other classmates got over her, I'm pretty sure we will too.

The second week of our head nursing exposure ends at Thursday since Friday is a Holiday-remembering the death and bravery of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. or the Ninoy Aquino Day as we call it.

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