Friday, August 28, 2009

Charice Pempengco-My Mom's Idol

About Charice

Way back May 10, 1993, Mr. and Mrs. Pempengco were very happy to have their first offspring delivered. They were blessed with a baby girl, and was baptized in the name of Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco(Charice real name). The real world of this young diva had started, her mom have witnessed the development of Charice´s talent in singing which is undeniably inherited from her. The fact that Charice´s mom is a talented singer. The distinction of being a diva was obvious, back to her early childhood.

Charice has practiced very hard to enhance her singing talent more exuberantly as she passes through her pace of life. As gifted with a powerful, soulful voice, dancing talent and overall stage present, Charice is well on her way of achieving her highest dreams. She had brought home the bacon, in most of her singing contest. The audience was wowed by her jaw-dropping rendition of the songs she sang. This proves her strong potential in singing. She continued joining different singing contest, and as usual the young diva bagged the title. Charice´s biggest challenge was when she entered showbiz industry, armed with her powerful voice. She joined Little Big Star Season 1, hosted by the pop princess Ms. Sarah Geronemo. Charice was not able to make it at first, she was kicked off. But she was picked up for the second time as wild card. She competed very well and gave her best performance on the show. Evidently, she always got the highest score from the judges. In the latter part of the contest, the text votes she garnered from the viewers were not enough to make her win. As a game, there´s a winner and a loser. She ends up third runner up on the grand finals. Her journey doesn´t end there; she had TV appearances on ABS-CBN and gigs around. She kept on pursuing her dreams; many projects were given to her. The luck comes along Charice´s way.

The FalseVoice channel of YouTube posted her LBS performance; "I Will Always Love You" of Whitney Houston´s hit on the digital world. Many viewers were attracted to the video. It was well delivered, and the viewers thought it was lip synching. No wonder Charice had the powerful, unbelievable vocals. Another face-off video between Charice and Bianca Ryan, America´s Got Talent winner, became popular. It brought her to the attention of Ten Songs Production, a recording company based in Sweden.And since then Charice became well-known all over the globe.

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Ever since my mom saw Charice on TV, she became attached to her. Everytime she visits me here in Cebu, there isn't a day that she wouldn't open her lappy to check on Charice on Youtube since there is no internet connection available in our hometown. I guess she has seen all the videos of Charice on Youtube. And she hadn't miss all of Charice's shows on TV like on interviews in ABS-CBN. She's very well updated on Charice's career. Sometimes I think she's more updated on Charice than me. But of course, I'm sure what I'm thinking isn't true. I think my mom can relate to Charice's situation to my situation as her daughter. Just like Charice's mom, she raised me single-handedly with just a little help from my father. And I know all she hoped for is for me to become successful someday just like Charice. But what I'm afraid of is, if I would not be able achieve her expectations for me. I'm sure she'd be very much dissapointed as a single parent. All I can do is to do my best not to let her down. I want to repay all of her sacrifices and love for me. I love you mom.



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