Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Horrible Nightmare

As I was sleeping soundly on the late dawn yesterday, when darkness still abounds, I dreamt of such a horrific dream or what we call as nightmare. This is what happened in my dream:

We (I and my CBS family) were at a place in which I am not aware of-it's like SM City Cebu. I am not really sure. I and my other CBS friend (which I will not name) headed home early and left the other members in that exact location (at SM). As I reached home (I'm not really sure if it's home since it was in a different house and different setting), I ran into my cousin as she was surfing the net using her grey-colored Apple Macbook (which she really don't own in reality) and watching TV in an unfamiliar room which was a bit dark and only a table lamp gives light to the room. We are in the same room. I also turned on my lappy but chose to watch TV instead.

There was a breaking news on the TV. To my surprise, what I can see from the TV screen is the SM City Cebu collapsing and all other surrounding establishments submerging into the deep ocean including the grounds where they were built in an unidentified cause. I was in a massive shock knowing that my other friends are still on that building. So I called my other friend who I went home with and who is also watching the news. We went immediately to the place where the recovered bodies are laid in. Again, I am not sure of what place it was. I was really surprised when I saw my friend. His eyes were all swelling, he was crying like he really was in deep pain as he was helping in carrying and arranging the corpses. I couldn't see clearly the faces of the dead people. There were hundreds of them or even thousands which really gave me the creeps.

But then I was able to open my eyes and saw darkness all over me, which I also found myself crying excessively. I looked at my watch and saw the time. It was 4:30AM and I was still crying until I fell asleep again.

The thing is, since I don't really know if my friends were included in that horrible incident, why did I cry? That's totally weird. Maybe it's because of the thought of losing my friends that made me cry my heart out, and also the horrific sight of the SM City Cebu collapsing which I still keep on recalling until now.

I just hope I won't have another one of those dreams.



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