Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oxford Medical Provides Expert Interview Skills Training

Oxford Medical is a medical training company teaching doctors various skills for competitve interviews.

The Oxford Medical runs weekly Oxford and London based Consultant Interview Courses. Small group sizes (6 average),individually focused to give you the best possible training.Optional video recorded performance analysis and free post course training including over 3 hours of video hot topic tutorials. This is why they are considered the best interview skills training company. Consultant interview questions. Practice with this extensive bank of questions. And also prepare for the University Representative who may ask about medical education and teaching. Improve your medical education section of your CV with their Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors.

Oxford Medical are one of the leading providers on small group consultant medical interview training. They have many years experience and have trained hundreds of doctors. Their courses give individual training and work on the principle of helping you understand the structure, purpose and aim of your medical interview. Their tutors are trained interviewers and will share with you the reason behind each and every question. Knowing what the interviewer is after gives you a head start when delivering not just an effective knowledgable answer but also a structured, heirachical and opinionated response.

With all their consultant interview training courses they offer Free access to the consultant section of their website containing forums, NHS related downloads, Video tutorials and interview hot topic video tutorials.This gives their clients the ability to work on areas that they have identified that they require to improve. They don't just identify areas in your performance or application but also give you the tools to correct them after the course.



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